Karen Gunderson

R.C. BAKER: The Village Voice: Art: Best In Show: Karen Gunderson: March 7-13, 2007

The astonishing technical skill demonstrated in these five-foot square oil paintings sets the viewer adrift in a stygian sea: Thickly painted with stiff bristles, the ridges in the uniformly black pigment (which covers every inch of the canvases) absorb or reflect light, which she shifts like roiling waves with your every movement.  But this is no gimmick- the sensuous heft of the materials and the broad, sweeping brushstrokes are inextricably bound to the compositions, which in turn coalesce into the mosaic basic narrative of the sea: its primordial, unceasing, and hypnotic movement.  Clamp Art, 521-531 W 25th 646-230-0020.  Through March 31.