Karen Gunderson


"Karen Gunderson: The Black Paintings"
Directed by Lisa Ades
With interviews with Michael Brenson, Robert Abrams, and Karen Gunderson

See Karen's paintings come to life in this 24 minute film about her black paintings. See the light shift as the camera passes by the surface of the canvas. Get an in depth look at her paintings and a better understanding of the ideas behind the work.

*Please click the center play button ONCE*

Click HERE for part one: Michael Brenson Interview, the Royalty Series, Sunflowers, and how Karen came to paint in black.

Click HERE for part two: Robert Abrams Interview, Constellations, King Christian, and Water.

Click HERE for part three: Mountains, the Crucifixion, Watch Karen paint and listen to why she paints.

For an individual DVD copy of the film, contact Karen Gunderson