Karen Gunderson

THOMAS M. PARKER: The News Leader: Reader's Letters: "Anti-Semitism isn't just a myth": Feb 15 1994

Anti-Semitism isn’t just a myth
         I would like to clarify my remarks about “The Danish Rescue” exhibition quoted in Camille Howell’s perceptive review in the Weekend section  (February. 11-13).  I was quoted as saying that the exhibition is “about Christians and for Christians.”  I think that this is true.
            “The Danish Rescue,” like “Schindler’s List,” provides Christian people with a positive cultural mythology and role models concerning Christian relationships with the Jewish people.  Such a mythology is a welcome alternative to the prevalent, and unfortunate, anti-Semitic stories that have been a part of our cultural tradition.
            I certainly did not mean to imply that anti-Semitism in our culture is a “myth” or does not exist.  It is real, palpable and needs to be addressed in every venue possible.  I apologize for any confusion my remarks might have caused.

                                                                                    Thomas M. Parker
                                                                                    Director, Cox Gallery, Drury College