Karen Gunderson

CATHERINE ANN VELASCO: The Journal Times: Racine Native Can Begin First Phase of Cloud Mural: January 16, 1995

Cloudy days will be coming to a Racine church. 

Renowned cloud artist Karen Gunderson, 51, a Racine native, has raised the $20,000 she needs to start the first phase of her cloud project.

Gunderson would like to leave a gift of art to her church – her clouds.

She plans to paint three panels – one in the front and two on the side – at Our Saviors Lutheran Church, 2210 Washington Ave.

The two panels will be 20 feet wide and 6 feet high while the large panel will be 25 feet side and 15 feet high.

All of the work will be done in oil paint on linen in her New York studio against her 44 long foot wall.  The linen will be rolled into tubes and sent to Racine.

For the first phase of the project, she received the majority of the money from New Yorkers like art collector Blaine Roberts who donated $12,900.  She received about $3,000 from people living in Racine.  She hopes when she gets the first two panels up; she will get additional local support.  She will need $20,000 for the second phase and has collected $700 for it.

Donations to the church are tax deductible.

People donating $500 or more will receive a work sample from the project.

She will start painting the side panels by the end of January and hopefully will have them up in the church by September.  She wants to complete the project by the spring of 1996.
Donations can be sent to: Our Saviors Lutheran Church, 2219 Washington Ave. Racine Wis. 53405.  checks should be made out to: Our Savior Gunderson Cloud Painting Fund.